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Plastic Waste Collection & Recycling

Project Overview

The plastic program in Madhya Pradesh is an impactful initiative that promotes sustainable plastic waste management practices in rural communities. Plastic pollution is a pressing global issue that has severe environmental and health consequences. According to a report by the United Nations, only 9% of the world's plastic waste is recycled, and 79% ends up in landfills or the environment, such as oceans and rivers.

The SMG plastic program addresses this problem by incentivizing waste pickers, local collectors, and recycling agents to collect, segregate, and recycle plastic waste through affordable and scalable methods. The program not only helps to reduce plastic pollution but also provides a livelihood for waste pickers and local collectors. The premium and incentives offered by SMG make the previously unprofitable collection, recovery, and recycling operations viable, thus promoting financial sustainability for stakeholders.

Project Timeline

Project Initiation

August, 2022

Project Implementation

September, 2022

Project Monitoring

December, 2023

Project Issuance

February, 2024

In addition to the economic benefits, the program also raises awareness about plastic waste management practices and encourages the adoption of sustainable behaviors. The SMG campaign activities, both digital and in-person, serve as a valuable tool to inform and educate communities about the impact of plastic pollution and the importance of proper waste management.


Power in numbers

carbon icon.png


tons of carbon

emissions reduced


tons of

fuelwood saved



chasers mobilized

Impact created

Faster cooking enabled women and girls to pursue other jobs 

Frequent visits of deployed ICS for monitoring and service

Lower biomass fuel usage, reducing carbon emissions


100+ new jobs were created as the scope of the project


60000+ beneficiaries experience lower indoor air pollution


Lasting Impact & Happy Faces...

With the following project, we were able to positively impact the lives of more than 60,000 beneficiaries in India.


They not only have a cleaner and safer house and air but also save much money which was being used earlier to purchase firewood

nepali-girl cooking.jpeg

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