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Methane reduction via Cows dietary needs

This project aims to reduce fossil-fuel-based electricity consumption in rural households in India by replacing old and low-efficient incandescent lamps (ICLs) with more energy-efficient LED lamps. The goal is to decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as ICLs are almost 6 times less energy efficient than LED lamps. The project has already distributed high-quality LED lamps in the rural parts of the project area.

A baseline survey was conducted to understand the preferences and wattages of lighting equipment used in rural and peri-urban households. During the survey, the beneficiaries were interviewed and reasons were noted as to why they have not shifted to LED Bulbs. The biggest reason for not shifting as the initial purchase cost of these LEDs. With this project, we are providing these beneficiares with LED Bulbs at free of cost to make their shift towards clean energy easier and faster.

Project Implementation

June, 2022

Project Initiation

June, 2022

Project Monitoring

November, 2022

Project Issuance

January, 2023

Project Timeline

Project Effects & Impact

  • 20+ new jobs created directly from the project

  • 200000+ beneficiaries experience cleaner source of energy

  • Lower monthly electricity bills therefore money is saved

  • Lesser CFLs are used and destroyed thus releasing fewer harmful components

  • Frequent visits of installed LEDs for monitoring and after-sales service


Sustainable Development Goals


Power in Numbers


LEDs Distributed


CFLs Destroyed


Sustainability Chasers

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