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Let's act & create an IMPACT

Reduce Carbon Footprint Today with OYU Green's Carbon Credit and Trading Solutions

We are a community-led climate-first organization dedicated to reducing and removing Green House Gas emissions and creating a sustainable future. Our approach is grounded in the belief that change must begin at the grass-root level, and we are proud to empower hundreds of sustainability chasers like ourselves to join us in this mission. We are building awareness and taking action to address the urgent threat of climate change. 

Join us in our commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. Let us work together to create a better world for all!

Offsetting 1-ton
carbon at a time

Our efforts against Climate Change!

Uniting for a Greener Tomorrow. Our Collective Efforts Against Climate Change!

Carbon Consulting

Carbon Project Development

Plastic Offset Services

EPR Consulting & Services

iRECs & Carbon Trading

Our Partners in Climate

Making Impact in deepest geographies, with the most vulnerable communities!

Latest Environmental Updates . . .

Carbon Offsetting and

the Future of Travel

As the travel industry looks to become more sustainable, carbon offsetting is emerging as a critical solution for reducing the environmental impact of tourism. From airlines to hotels, travel companies are increasingly offering carbon offset options to their customers. By investing in carbon-reducing projects, travelers can mitigate the emissions associated with their trips and contribute to the development of sustainable tourism. By exploring the role of carbon offset in the travel industry, we can better understand the potential for responsible and sustainable tourism.

With our efforts, we are making lives better for everyone on earth, including this Meerkat who has
a new home now

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